3 Steps To Improve Your Local SEO

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is an easy and simple method to promote your business to your local customers. It is a targeted marketing online approach that helps you appear at the right time for the right person.

So, how do I improve my local SEO?

There are three steps that you could take today to get in front of more local customers!


1) Get on local listings

Local listings are a great way to attract new customers. Create accounts and encourage your customers to leave you reviews. Websites like Yelp can be instrumental in attracting new customers and positive reviews can strengthen buying decisions immensely.

Another positive benefit that your website will reap from local listing websites is an increase in domain authority. Domain authority is the power of a domain in Google search listings. Domain authority is calculated based on various factors. One factor is how many trusted, high authority websites link back to your website. Local listing websites usually have a high domain authority. When they link back to you, it helps you increase your website’s ranking in Search Engine results!


2) Get a Google My Business account

A Google My Business account helps your business rank higher for local results and appear in Google maps! You would be surprised at how many businesses, although in the same area, are not searchable online. This gives you a huge advantage for customers searching for local businesses.

Here is an example of a Google My Business profile and Google Maps Listing:

HQF GMB profile.jpg

When searching for ‘furniture stores near me’, a business with a Google My Business account (that has high rated reviews) will rank above other local businesses. Google Maps results appear at the top of the first page and is a quick and painless way to start ranking higher!


3) NAP - Name, Address and Phone Number

Did you know that one of the ranking factors that Google takes into account to calculate your SERP rank is how consistent your information is across your online platforms? Specifically your Business Name, Address and Phone Number.

It is important to be consistent with this information on your website, social platforms, Google My Business listings, Bing (or any other search engine) listing and local directory listings. Inconsistency in these listings can push your website off the first page of search engine results despite optimization.

In short, get your name on local listings, get a Google My Business account and make sure that all your business information is consistent, updated and correct! Lastly, don’t forget reviews are the cherry on the cake! The more and the better your reviews, the higher you will rank locally!

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Written By: Supriya Gupta

Digital Marketing Specialist, North Digital